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Wish Farms’ pesticide residue-free blueberries being positioned as affordable alternative to organic

by press release | May 03, 2011

Wishnatzki Farms, a Florida-based grower-shipper, has announced the addition of pesticide residue-free blueberries to its produce offerings.

CertifiedWish Farms said that it is one of the few shippers in the country to have blueberries approved by Scientific Certification Systems, a third-party organization that certifies environmental and safety claims.

The process of pesticide residue-free certification, previously called NutriClean, involves field sampling and lab testing to guarantee no detectable pesticides (fewer than 0.01 parts per million).

“Our goal in third-party testing and certification is to provide consumers with confidence that their food is free of pesticide residues. Our pesticide residue-free certification is more stringent than government regulations,” Wil Sumner, director of agricultural testing and certification for SCS, said in an April 25 press release.

“I believe pesticide residue-free blueberries will be embraced by consumers,” Gary Wishnatzki, president of Wish Farms, added in the press release. “These berries will be more affordable than organics, which have a loyal following but are too pricey for many customers. This alternative to organics will appeal to a much larger audience.”

Wish Farms pesticide residue-free blueberries are currently available at select retailers. They are located in the same section and at the same price point as conventional blueberries, and will be labeled with the SCS “Certified Pesticide Residue Free” logo.