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Pear Bureau Northwest promoting Anjou pears in spring at retail

by press release | April 18, 2011

The Portland, OR-based Pear Bureau Northwest has developed new point-of-sale materials to raise consumer awareness of the April, May and June availability of Anjou pears. The materials spotlight red and green Anjou pears and their usage in spring menus alongside other seasonal produce like strawberries, spring greens and mangos.

pear logoThe materials include a recipe tear pad that alternates three different seasonal recipes featuring Anjou pears in an appetizer, entrée and salad.

“Consumers continue to be interested in recipes, so by offering consumers new spring recipe ideas at the pear display, we are able to remind shoppers that fresh USA Pears are an in-season option during the spring months,” Kevin Moffitt, president and chief executive officer of Pear Bureau Northwest, said in an April 8 press release. “We look forward to helping retailers increase springtime pear sales in hand with other seasonal spring produce.”

In addition to developing hard-copy point-of-sale materials, the Pear Bureau has provided the new spring-themed recipes to the nearly 3,000 in-store recipe kiosks nationwide managed by Aisle7 and ShopToCook.

The Pear Bureau Northwest is a non-profit marketing organization established in 1931 to promote the fresh pears grown in Washington and Oregon. The bureau represents more than 1,600 growers producing 84 percent of the nation’s fresh pear crop, and it develops national and international markets for Northwest pear distribution.