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AWG teams up with suppliers to creat record-breaking sandwich, benefit Muscular Dystrophy Association

by press release | March 31, 2011

The current world record of for the longest bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, as documented by the World Records Academy based in Miami, stands at 169 feet. Associated Wholesale Grocers announced March 30 that it will be challenging the record by creating a 200-foot-long B.L.T. sandwich at its annual Spring Food Show April 27 in Kansas City, MO.

This will not be just any old BLT sandwich; AWG knows and demands the highest-quality items for all its member grocery stores and it has hand-selected ingredient partners to join in the record-breaking attempt. Teaming up with the master bakers at Gonnella for bread, Farmland Foods for the bacon, Dole Fresh for the lettuce and Red Sun Greenhouse Tomatoes for the tomatoes, the sandwich is expected to not just break the record for length but also to taste great.

What is the recipe for this bold attempt? AWG will use 200 feet of fresh Gonnella bread, sliced in half length wise. Slices of Farmland's savory bacon will cover the bottom layer of bread. Slices of tomatoes from Red Sun Greenhouse Tomatoes will be placed on top of the bacon and then will be covered in Dole's fresh lettuce. The colossal creation will then be capped with the second half of Gonnella's bread.

AWG will be accepting donations benefiting the Muscular Dystrophy Association for those attendees who want to have a piece of the 200-foot masterpiece.

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