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Seald Sweet International launches tropical division

by (Press Release) | March 08, 2011

In further continuing growth strategies and expansion, Seald Sweet International in Vero Beach, FL, announced March 7 the launch of its Tropical Commodity division. The division brings new depth and diversity to Seald Sweet's fresh fruit supply base, adding products such as pineapples, plantains, mangos and avocados to its portfolio.

"We are thrilled about this addition to our company for a number of reasons," Mayda Sotomayor, chief executive officer of Seald Sweet said in a March 7 press release. "First, expansion into this category has been Seald Sweet logoan important goal of ours and part of our strategic plan. Tropical commodities complement our core business, which traditionally has been fresh citrus. This growth enables our company to better serve our customers by meeting their growing needs, especially with the rising ethnic diversity in the US population.

“This also strengthens synergies within our group (UNIVEG) by integrating our existing production and supply network as a direct connection to the field,” Ms. Sotomayor continued. “This emphasizes our value as a supplier and supports our group's vision.”

The expansion brings seasoned experience to Seald Sweet's northeastern U.S. operations. Former principals of Dulce Fresh and veteran tropical commodity managers, Kevin Manning and Jeff Krafft, join the company with a combined 35 years of experience primarily in imported tropical commodities. Dulce Fresh, a produce sales and importing company, which specialized in tropical commodities, announced it has ceased operations as of March 1.


"We are very excited to have Kevin and Jeff as part of our team, spearheading this new division,” Ms. Sotomayor added in the press release. “The wealth of specialized experience they bring gives us an advantage in the development of this program."

Steve Tursi, vice president of business development for Seald Sweet, will be in charge of the new division.

Seald Sweet said that the expansion has the potential to benefit the UNIVEG group globally, allowing supply chains and market access to grow and be more diversified, further advancing opportunities in North America, Europe and other locations around the world.