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PEAKfresh USA offices on the move

by (Press Release) | March 07, 2011

To better accommodate business needs and growth, PEAKfresh USA has recently purchased and moved into new office space located in Lake Forest, CA. The move, which was official as of March 1, will relocate the sales, shipping and customer service operations of the Modified Atmosphere Packaging film brands company.

“Lake Forest offers a great, central location in Orange County for our employees and a newer building that we own rather than the older office space we had been leasing,” Greg Ganzerla, president of PEAKfresh USA, said in a March 2 press release. “The relocation is a positive change for the business and employees alike.”

The new offices will house the sales, customer service and shipping departments of PEAKfresh, currently used by more than $300 million worth of produce shipped worldwide. Additionally, Lake Forest has been ranked among the safest cities in the United States.

PEAKfresh is highly effective for protecting a variety of produce and flowers prone to early ripening, such as berries, grapes, asparagus, cut flowers, broccoli, tomatoes, stone fruits and mixed loads of fresh vegetables. Based on proprietary mineral technology embedded in its film, PEAKfresh’s products — carton or box liners, bulk bin liners, sheeting, pallet covers and retail packs — naturally remove ethylene gas given off by packaged produce that causes and promotes decay. In addition to removing ethylene, the PEAKfresh technology also supplies an anti-fog treatment to reduce moisture levels and draws condensation onto the film, thus inhibiting mold and bacteria growth and preserving the appearance of flowers.

PEAKfresh currently has seven commercial products: Carton or box Liners for long-distance shipping; bulk bin liners; pallet covers; iceless broccoli packaging (also works for green onions, carrots and radishes); duo bags for fresh herbs; flower sheets; bags; and retail packs.