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PRO*ACT promotes Max Yeater to president, Steve Grinstead continues as CEO

by Gordon Hochberg | February 19, 2011

MONTEREY, CA -- PRO*ACT has announced the promotion of Max Yeater to the office of president. Mr. Yeater, who has been with the organization for 17 years, was most recently chief operating officer, and prior to that he was vice president of procurement.

Mr. Yeater started with PRO*ACT as a field inspector. "I grew up in Salinas, so the produce industry was in my blood," he said in a Feb. 18 press release. On his new role, he added, "My advancement within our organization hopefully serves as a testament to the younger generation that a strong work ethic benefits both the individual and the organization."

According to Steve Grinstead, who recently held the dual roles of president and chief executive officer and will now continue in the CEO position, Mr. Yeater will be taking on all the day-to-day responsibilities and accountability for PRO*ACT. Mr. Grinstead will now focus on long-term strategic planning. "Max's contributions to the organization over the years have been significant,” Mr. Grinstead said in the release. “It's fitting that he takes over the role of president as we are celebrating our 20th anniversary."

Gene Loffredo, who is the current chairman of the PRO*ACT board as well as CEO and president of Loffredo Fresh Produce Co. with headquarters in Des Moines, IA, said in the release: "I have known Max for 12 years and watched him come up through the ranks. I have great respect for him; he is a key driver of the business. I'm confident there is a clear future for us with Max in his new position. He is 100 percent behind PRO*ACT, and I know he'll do all in his power to keep us successful."