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Peri & Sons adopts new branding strategy

by John Groh | February 10, 2011
For more than three decades Yerington, NV-based onion grower-shipper Peri & Sons Farms has been home to numerous brands, including "Mustang," “Wabuska Whopper,” “Purple Passion” and “Mother's Love,” each with its own eye-catching design.
Going into 2011, however, the company is adopting a new branding strategy and a single label.

“Beginning in mid-February 2011, the 40-pound cartons that we pack our premium onions in will have an all-new look. This change is part of our overall rebranding strategy,” Teri Gibson, marketing and customer relations manager for Peri & Sons Farms, said in a Feb. 8 press release. “We will be redirecting the energy and resources that were previously spread across several brands, and we will focus that energy on the single objective of building brand awareness for Peri & Sons Farms.”
She added that the decision to move away from multiple labels and adopt a single “Peri & Sons Farms” label “makes perfect sense given the company’s commitment to continuous improvement.”
The new carton design features a colorful photo of “Peri & Sons Farms” brand onions against a bright background, and is different than any onion packaging presently seen in the marketplace. “Premium Onions” will be packed in a vibrant blue carton and are easily distinguished from Peri’s “Organic Onions,” which are in a bright green carton.
Jessica Peri, retail sales manager for Peri & Sons Farms said, “We are very excited about the new, fresh look. Rather than marketing our individual onion varieties, the emphasis is now on the strength and reputation of the Peri name.”
Ms. Gibson said that the new strategy was conceived in 2010, when Peri & Sons “felt that the time was right to reinvigorate our brand even though we have established a strong, relevant differentiation in the marketplace.”
Last season the operation started looking for a cost-effective packaging solution that would enforce a new brand positioning and distinguish the premium and organic onions. Ms. Gibson worked with Vogel Designs in Reno, NV, on the box graphics and chose Temple-Inland to produce the cartons.
Rob Fuss, account manager for Temple-Inland, said in the press release, “We knew the Peri & Sons Farms carton was going to be difficult, but we welcomed the challenge, and the whole team was excited at the prospect.”
Paul Calvert, general manager for Temple-Inland, added in the press release, “We are pleased with the communication and cooperation that took place between the Peri & Sons Farms team and our team from the initial design reviews to pre-press and throughout the production stages. The new cartons have raised the bar for what can be achieved under these circumstances when everyone works together as a team. We are very proud of the final result.”
Peri & Sons Farms is shipping storage onions from its Nevada farm in the new cartons through April, at which time the operation will begin shipping spring and summer onions from its California farm.
According to Ms. Gibson, “The new cartons are just the first of many changes Peri & Sons Farms has planned for packaging and marketing our products, and the feedback we have received from customers who have seen the new packaging designs has been very positive.”
Ms. Peri added, “We hope that our customers find the new cartons so attractive, they will bring them out of the back room and utilize them to build eye-catching displays of our beautiful onions and will surely boost sales.”
Ms. Peri said that while the farm has grown primarily white, yellow, red, sweet onions conventionally and organically, “given the entrepreneurial spirit of the company, there is no telling what other varieties we might choose to grow in the future.”