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Employees keep Lange Co. on cutting edge of transportation and logistics

by Chip Carter | January 16, 2011
The Tom Lange Co. Inc. in Springfield, IL, has a long history of innovation in the transportation and logistics field. But that does not mean the company is sitting on its laurels.

"We are currently looking at upgrading our transportation technology," Jeff Moore, vice president of sales for Lange Logistics Midwest, said via e-mail. "We have a carrier base that would rival most in the industry, and we are going to continue exploring ways to maximize efficiencies and leverage that carrier base to its fullest potential. We believe we have only scratched the surface on what we can accomplish, and we are confident our upgrading of technology related to transportation is going to take us to even greater heights. As a company, I believe you'll see us offer more and more international logistics solutions. Our Seven Seas [Fruit] offices are extending their services worldwide, and it's a natural that transportation providing will be included in that."

With today's focus on logistics squaring up across the board, Lange Logistics is uniquely positioned to deliver for customers. The company realized decades ago that it made sense to have its own fleet to maintain control over its shipping.

"We are fortunate in the fact that we have been doing this for quite a while -- 50 years to be exact," Mr. Moore said. "We were an asset-based carrier until 1996, and our produce transportation continues to be a driving force in our overall transportation capabilities. Couple those with our decision a few years ago to extend our transportation services outside of the produce industry, and all of a sudden we have a network of lanes we service that make us a viable option for logistics solutions."

He continued, "There's no doubt about it -- the fact we have been hauling produce for so long is a huge advantage. And then when Lange Logistics was created, it allowed us to round-trip trucks and position carriers strategically to not only complement our produce transportation but actually have produce loads position carriers in the new lanes and industries we were now servicing."

Lange stays on the cutting edge of transportation and logistics by taking the same approach that has made its parent company one of the nation's bigger players in the produce trade.

"It's our people. Our current -- and future -- employees are passionate about what they do, true logistics people and transportation folks who love what they do," Mr. Moore said. "We will remain students of our respective industry, and our foundation will be one built on integrity and hard work."

Lange's corporate philosophy holds that employees are the key to a company's competitive edge. Top-notch personnel produce top-notch results.

"We have a good mix of veterans and newer folks that complement each other well. While both bring a spirit of innovation, being able to offer different solutions and different approaches to the task of the day is quite possibly our greatest strength," Mr. Moore said. "While this industry has a lot of great problem-solvers, we believe this collaboration has allowed us to get out in front of problems and actually prevent them rather than having to solve them. These are the type of innovations that have allowed Lange success for the last 50 years, and we will not forget how we got this far."