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Aunt Mids' product line sees additions

by Daniel Jalil | January 10, 2011
DETROIT — An expansion at its off-market facility and a new deal with Farmer's Best International LLC have resulted in some additions to the product offerings at Aunt Mids Produce Co., here on the Detroit Produce Terminal.

"We are now handling the 'Farmers Best’ line of Mexican vegetables," Dominic Riggio, president of Aunt Mids, told The Produce News. The deal began in November and involves items such as squashes, peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. “Our businesses are both very quality-oriented, and it seemed like a natural fit.”

Aunt Mids also has a new corn product that is the result of an expansion and upgrades at its off-site facility located near the terminal. New to its line is a tray pack of bi-color corn available in a four-ear and a five-ear pack. The product launched in mid-summer of 2010 and is available year round. The corn is produced primarily in Florida, Georgia and Kentucky, but it is generally an East Coast crop. The intact ears are transported to Aunt Mids’ facility where they are shucked and packaged. “It has been received very well,” Mr. Riggio said.

The growing business has added to its staff as well. Jim Mancuso started as a salesperson with the firm in the mid-summer. “He was a local wholesaler,” Mr. Riggio said. “He sells the full line and he will be working his way into buying as well.”

Mr. Riggio added, “He was a customer and was born and raised in the produce business.”

He said that 2010 was a “good, strong year” for Aunt Mids. Its customer base is holding steady, and “We are still diversified as we were in the past. The customer base seems to be for the most part solid.”

Recognizing the company’s suppliers, Mr. Riggio said, “We have made it a priority to see that our growers get a proper return, and sometimes that means [missing a sale], but they are very important to us.”