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Northern Valley Growers anticipates early finish

by | January 03, 2011
"We have had a fantastic year as far movement," said Cory Seim, a salesman for Northern Valley Growers, a red potato grower-shipper based in Hoople, ND.

Mr. Seim told The Produce News Dec. 24 that good prices have stayed and that “we are looking for an early finish. A lot of sheds in the valley are. We moved record amounts in October and November, so it was a very good year. I hope to finish in the middle of March. Typically, we go usually until around May 1.”

Mr. Seim noted that his expectations are not cast in stone. “Things can change rapidly” in the potato business, he noted.

Some statistics show that the Red River Valley's potato production is up 8 percent, but “I don’t see it, unless there is something I don’t know about,” Mr. Seim said.

“We’ve had tremendous movement. It’s been very good. I believe Idaho had good movement, too. Hopefully they are getting planted acres down to where they need to have them and they will keep them there.”