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Apples flying off shelves for Stemilt

by Lora Abcarian | January 03, 2011
Roger Pepperl, director of marketing for Stemilt Growers Inc. in Wenatchee, WA, said that the 2010-11 apple season has been remarkable. "We have had fantastic movement," he told The Produce News Dec. 14. “There is record movement as a company and as an industry.”

The company is marketing a full manifest of conventional and organic apples. “We're moving a ton of Fujis,” he said. “Reds, Goldens, Grannies and Galas [sold] well for the holidays. We have a lot of beautiful Braeburns. Apples are looking good. Sales are fantastic.”

Stemilt is in its fourth year marketing the Piñata. A special Facebook page has been created for the variety, and Mr. Pepperl said traffic to the site continues to grow.

This season, Stemilt will introduce a new display bin. “We’re the sponsor of one of the Olympic teams this year,” Mr. Pepperl said. The bin, available this month, features the U.S. water polo team and promotes healthy lifestyles.

Stemilt has also trademarked a new catch phrase, “Apples, the original superfood.”

“We will tie in different ways apples are healthy and nutritious,” Mr. Pepperl said of the associated campaign. “We sometimes overlook the fruit that was here all along.”

Display bins will have [point-of-sale] material available to discuss apples’ healthy attributes.