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'Sunkist Smiles' debut to rave reviews

by | January 11, 2011

SHERMAN OAKS, CA -- Sunkist Growers' easy-peeling "Sunkist Smiles" clementines and mandarins are greeting shoppers this winter in a variety of new, brightly colored packaging.

Clementine mandarins are packed full of nutritional benefits. Two clementines have 290 percent of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C and 400mg of potassium. This medium-sized fruit has a smooth glossy, deep orange color exterior. It separates easily into eight to 12 juicy segments filled with a taste of apricot nectar.

"We're branding these popular citrus varieties for easy recognition, both of our product and of the fact they are easy, fast, fun, good-for-you snacks that also deliver an abundance of nutritional value," Dean Troxell, Sunkist's director of packaging, said in a Jan. 12 press release.

The packaging has eye-catching graphics of happy, smiling children and peeled fruit segments. It is featured on a variety of package sizes that include the five-pound bag-in-the-box tray, Giro grab'n go bags in two-, three- or five-pound sizes and master cartons that hold the smaller packages.

"The new packaging gives everyone a reason to smile," Mr. Troxell said in the release. "And we've heard from retailers that it has special appeal to moms with young children."