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Nunhems USA the first American facility to earn Dutch accreditation

by | December 06, 2010
In the first accreditation of an American facility, Naktuinbouw, the Netherlands Inspection Service for Horticulture, has certified the quality- assurance department of Nunhems USA, a subsidiary of Bayer CropScience, in Parma, ID.

According to information provided by Nunhems, the Naktuinbouw Accredited Laboratory certification reflects Nunhems' quality management systems, including laboratory practices, validated and approved protocols, analyst competence and training, and internal and external auditing.

"We are very proud of this significant accomplishment," Brad Peters, Nunhems quality control manager, said in a press release. “Nunhems USA can now provide its customers with NAL Quality Certificates, which are highly regarded and known throughout the global seed trade.”

Naktuinbouw is the independent quality-inspection agency that operates under the supervision of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality. Like the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service program, Naktuinbouw is charged with promoting and monitoring the quality of horticulture throughout the supply chain.

Because Nunhems USA does business globally, the NAL accreditation is an important signal to buyers and governments that the seeds they receive from Nunhems USA have been rigorously evaluated for quality.

To earn the NAL accreditation, nearly all Nunhems USA’s quality-assurance protocols were examined by a panel of experts to assure that the company met or exceeded the organization’s requirements. Nunhems USA is now among only 13 companies worldwide, including Nunhems Netherlands, to earn this prestigious accreditation.

Nunhems formally accepted the Certificate of Accreditation in early November at a ceremony at its U.S. headquarters in Parma. Naktuinbouw Director Nico Koomen and Chairman Henk Lange traveled from the Netherlands to join numerous Nunhems company officials, including Jim Watkins, Nunhems’ global head of quality assurance, and Nunhems Chief Executive Officer Douwe Zijp, for the ceremony.

“Quality assurance is a vital part of delivering reliable, high quality seed,” Mr. Peters said in the press release. “NAL accreditation is another step we are taking to ensure that our clients know quality comes first at Nunhems.”