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Marco DiMare killed in traffic accident

by Tim Linden | December 02, 2010
Marco DiMare, 41, who was in charge of The DiMare Co.'s citrus operations in Indio, CA, was killed the evening off Dec. 1 in the California desert after his car was hit head-on by a stolen and speeding catering truck.

Mr. DiMare was the son of Thomas DiMare, who has headed the family firm's California operation for many years. The DiMare Co. was established in 1931 on the Boston wholesale market and now has operations from coast to coast.

After earning his bachelor's degree in history from the University of Colorado in 1991, Marco DiMare went on to earn his master's in business administration degree from the University of Southern California, and then joined the family business. He explained why in an interview last year. "They put a broom in my hands when I was seven" to sweep up the processing facilities, he said. "When I was in high school, I started working in the fields."

What did he say kept him in the business? "I think it's the people. People in agriculture are real sensible. They are good to be around."

Mr. DiMare lived in the Indio area with his wife, Jacqueline.