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DNE ready to kick off citrus season at PMA with increased retail merchandising tools

by Christina DiMartino | October 13, 2010
DNE World Fruit Sales Inc. will showcase its line of citrus from around the world at this year's PMA Fresh Summit in Orlando, FL.

"We will be kicking off Florida citrus and Texas grapefruit, as well as promoting Mexican lemons, Spanish clementines and the 'Ocean Spray’ Fresh tie-ins," Kathy Hearl, marketing promotions manager at DNE, told The Produce News.

Ms. Hearl added that visitors to the DNE booth (No. 3865) at the PMA expo can expect to see more merchandising, including high-graphic display bins and some bagged citrus.

Offering an overview of the upcoming season’s crop conditions, categories and run times, Kevin Swords, Florida sales manager for DNE, said that reports indicate an increased volume over last season on all varieties except for Honey tangerines, which will be down by about 15 percent.

“The overall crop looks to be good,” said Mr. Swords. “We expect to have consistent quality and volume.

“The earlier portion of the season will bring some smaller fruit due to a later bloom last spring,” he continued. “Sizing, however, will increase in the middle portion of the season. Retailers should expect a slightly later start on volume due to later bloom last spring. Tangerines and oranges will start in mid October.”

Navel oranges at DNE will run from mid-October through December, with the peak promotion period starting in late October with four-pound bags, which will run through Thanksgiving. Eight-pound bags of Navels will be available in December.

Juice oranges — Hamlins and Ambersweets — will be available from late October to mid-February, and Valencias will run from late February through June.

“The Fallglo tangerine program will start in October or early November, with the peak promotion period starting in mid-October,” added Mr. Swords. “Sunburst tangerines will be available from late November through December, with the peak promotion period starting in mid-November.

“The Nova-Orlando tangelo run dates are from mid-November through December, with peak promotion period starting the end of November,” he continued. “Our 12-count, three-pound bags are a good item and well suited for mixing and matching with tangerines. Honey tangerines are scheduled to start in mid-January, with the peak beginning at the end of the month. These will run through mid-April.”

DNE’s grapefruit program begins in late October and runs through May. The peak promotion period on red grapefruit will be in time for Thanksgiving and will run through March. Star Red grapefruit will start in December. Mr. Swords said that DNE will be promoting many varieties during their peak this season.

“Bagged Navels in four-, five- and eight-pound bags will be available from late October through November,” he said. “Three-pound Fallglo tangerines will be on line in October, and three-pound Sunburst tangerines will be promoted during November. Bulk tangerines and grapefruit, which serve as great table displays and centerpieces, will be on hand in December, in good timing with the holidays.”

During January, DNE will be promoting a tie-in promotion with “Ocean Spray” fresh grapefruit and “Ocean Spray” 100 percent juices.

“This has been a very successful promotion throughout the years in retailers’ produce sections,” said Mr. Swords. “January is the ideal promotion time for products that promote health and nutrition, as many people look to start the new year off right by eating and drinking healthy.”

DNE will be promoting its “Ocean Spray” grapefruit label starting the last week of November. “Ocean Spray” Sunburst promotions run throughout November and December, and “Ocean Spray” Rhode Red Valencias will be promoted in late February and throughout the month of May.

John Lazopoulos, Spanish sales manager for the company, said, “The Spanish clementine program will start roughly one week later than normal. All indications from the major retailers are that the demand for the item continues to be strong. The first vessel is scheduled to arrive around November 4. Volumes will be extremely light, and prices should remain strong until after Thanksgiving, at which time the industry volume will increase substantially. Sizing will be normal with 28s and larger.”

Mr. Lazopoulos added that early volumes of Spanish clementines will be available in five-pound boxes, with a transition to 10-pack, three-pound “Ocean Spray” bags coming on about the third week of December.

“The first clementine variety to arrive will be Marisols followed by Orovals and Arrufatinas,” he said. “These will be available before the Thanksgiving holiday, and will then be followed by the Nules variety.”