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Monterey Mushrooms scholarship program surpasses $1.5 million

by | October 13, 2010
Monterey Mushrooms remains committed to investing in the scholastic achievement of its youth. This is evident as Monterey's Carl Victor Fields scholarship program, initiated in 1992, has now surpassed $1.5 million in awards to over 980 dependent children of its employees.

Awards for the school year 2010-11 included a total of $150,000 in new or renewed scholarships awarded to 107 students.

The challenges of this decade are always top-of-mind to Shah Kazemi, president and chief executive officer of Monterey. "Today more than ever, Monterey looks to its people to maintain its vision and strength," he said in a September press release. “Thus we remain dedicated to helping our young people — the dependent children of our employees — prepare for the future and achieve their goals. Whether they choose to become teachers, health care providers, engineers or enter other areas of higher learning, they will need these skills and more as we continue into this decade.”

Carl Fields, the late vice president of marketing for Monterey and for whom the scholarship program is named, was especially aware of the value of continuing education. Mr. Fields was passionate about the importance of young people achieving their potential. Indeed, he was instrumental in the Monterey tradition and goal of becoming the best. “Carl would be pleased to know that this tradition is actively continuing at Monterey today,” Mr. Kazemi said in the release.

Applications were received from Monterey Mushrooms’ multi-site facilities located throughout North America. They were evaluated on academic achievement, financial need and future potential. The awards are made for one year at a time, for a total of four years if the student continues to meet the criteria of the program.