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Southern Specialties to debut new packaging for value-added line

by Christina DiMartino | October 13, 2010
Specialty produce firm Southern Specialties will be introducing its new "Southern Selects" packaging for its value-added line at the PMA Fresh Summit in Orlando, FL.

“The new packaging is in response to a survey that we initiated to gauge consumer response to our presentations,” said Charlie Eagle, vice president of business development for Pompano Beach, FL-based Southern Specialties. “New boxes for our blueberry and blackberry lines will also be introduced at the expo.”

“Southern Selects” snow peas and sugar snap peas from Peru will also be on display at the expo. Mr. Eagle said that despite the recent weather problems in Guatemala, the company continues with good volumes. In addition to other packaging options, the items are all available in eight-ounce microwavable bags.

The company will also be showcasing its new “Southern Selects Regal” brand artichokes. The small size artichoke comes in an eight-count bag.

“The Regal artichokes show a purple tint, and they have an excellent sweet flavor,” said Mr. Eagle. “This package is the size especially for a family. They are easy to prepare, and are the perfect size for a plate. The label offers nutritional information as well as preparation suggestions.”

Also being showcased at the PMA Fresh Summit is “Southern Selects” baby carrots. Mr. Eagle said that the hand-peeled baby carrots with tops come in traditional orange as well as a rainbow variety assortment of red, yellow and white. The item comes in an eight-ounce package.

Visitors to the Southern Specialties booth will enjoy culinary treats compliments of the company.

“We'll be featuring Haricot Verts sautéed with garlic and shallots in olive and walnut oils and with toasted chopped walnuts,” said Mr. Eagle. “Visitors will also be offered papaya crème, a papaya ice cream with cassis. And we will be serving Szechuan white and green asparagus.”

Even Southern Specialties’ employees are in for a treat at the PMA Fresh Summit this year. The company is transporting a large contingent of its Pompano Beach office staff to give them the opportunity to see a new side of the produce industry.

“Management and their spouses — about 30 people — will be transported by bus to Orlando for the expo,” said Mr. Eagle. “This will give those who haven’t been to the event before an opportunity to tour the floor, and to see how Southern Specialties relates to its customers and other companies. We’re excited to have them in attendance.”

This year, Southern Specialties is celebrating its 20 anniversary, said Mr. Eagle. “Our booth signage will read '20 Years Growing in the Americas.’“