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Pink Lady 'mob' dances at Central Washington State Fair

by Kathleen Thomas Gaspar | October 10, 2010
Fairgoers at this year's Central Washington State Fair in Yakima were treated to a "flash mob dance" by Pink Lady America, according to Alan Taylor, marketing director for the apple organization.

Headquartered in Yakima, WA, Pink Lady America is the North American member of the International Pink Lady Alliance that grows and markets the trademarked Pink Lady brand of the Cripps Pink apple variety.

Each global member organization promotes to reflect its region. The Washington group’s flash mob dance featured more than 50 young Washington women who were trained in dance by a choreographer in Selah, WA.

As described by Mr. Taylor, the September state fair event started “with only a couple of them in the crowd doing their thing to specially selected music piped throughout the fairgrounds.”

As the music continued, more dancers joined in to create the “mob” effect. Bystanders also joined in, and the number of dancers continued to increase until the song ended after about five minutes.

Mr. Taylor said that the idea for a flash mob dance was suggested by a younger member of the Pink Lady marketing staff, and the success of the event, which appears on YouTube in video, has led to more promotions for the holiday season.