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Dan Graiff Farms fundraiser for breast cancer runs through October

by Christina DiMartino | September 30, 2010
Things will be very "pink" at Dan Graiff Farms LLC in Newfield, NJ, during the month of October.

“We are switching our boxes to pink '5 Star' logos to raise money for breast cancer research during the month,” Jamie Graiff, co-owner of the company told The Produce News. “The breast cancer pink ribbon logo is printed on an insert that will go into every box thanking our customers for their purchase, explaining our breast cancer research fundraiser and advising them of where they can send their own donations if they want.”

Mr. Graiff said that the company specifically chose the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in New York City because the organization has an A-plus fundraising rating and because 90 percent of the money it receives goes directly to research, with the balance going to administration costs.

Dan Graiff Farms produces baby arugula and baby spinach on its farm in New Jersey, and it contracts with growing partners in Florida, California and Nevada for seasonal supplies. It services primarily the foodservice sector, and distributes to customers on a year-round basis.

Mr. Graiff, his brother, Dan Graiff, and mother, Doris Graiff, are partners in the company. Mr. Graiff and his brother represent the third generation of family members in the operation; his nephew, Scott Graiff, who now also works with the firm, represents the fourth generation.

The company was founded in 1980, and was named after Mr. Graiff’s, father, Dan, who is now deceased.

“Our family has several reasons to want to support breast cancer research,” said Mr. Graiff. “My wife, Robin, has dealt with breast lumps for the past two years that have to be continually monitored. Breast cancer has also affected my brother’s daughter, Ashley, two cousins and my sister-in-law’s family. The women in our family engage in their own breast cancer fundraising efforts every year.”

Dan Graiff Farms packs convenient sizes of arugula and spinach for foodservice operators. Baby arugula comes in two-and-a-half-pound bags, two to a box. Baby spinach is available in three- or four-pound packs. The company uses the “5 Star Premium” and “5 Star” labels. It also ships under the “Dan Graiff Farms” label.

The donation the company will make to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is based on sales of all labels.

Mr. Graiff added that the company’s location in the central part of the East Coast means that it can service accounts from Florida through Canada, and he invites existing and new customers to join in the October fundraising event. “Arugula is a fitting product for a breast cancer research fundraiser,” said Mr. Graiff. “Research has shown arugula to be beneficial in the prevention of breast and prostate cancers. Based on our October sales in previous years, we should be able to donate between $15,000 and $20,000 this year.”