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Mango board undertaking many fall marketing efforts

by Brian Gaylord | September 19, 2010
The National Mango Board has a full plate of marketing initiatives underway, including its ongoing outreach to national magazines, newspapers and online editors.

Those efforts are expected to result in "significant mango buzz throughout the fall and winter months," said Wendy McManus, director of marketing for the National Mango Board.

“Our virtual test kitchen outreach program is wrapping up in September,” Ms. McManus said. “This initiative includes mango deliveries of the six commercial mango varieties to influential editors. Each delivery included the mangos, written information and a recipe demo video featuring Chef Allen (Mango Man) Susser.”

Coverage from the board's virtual test kitchen is expected to flow through early in 2012, Ms. McManus said. The organization has a section dedicated to its virtual test kitchen at

The board’s back-to-school mat release featuring its mango barbecue chicken pizza is expected to garner more than 10 million consumer impressions, Ms. McManus said.

In the social media space, Jango Mango — a cartoonish mango mascot that serves as the board’s global ambassador — continues to connect with fans and followers to provide mango inspiration. Jango currently has 1,074 fans on Facebook, and that number is growing weekly. Jango also has more than 300 followers on Twitter.

The board’s how-to-cut-a-mango video on YouTube has been viewed approximately 321,000 times, Ms. McManus said.

This fall, the board is starting a blog to engage readers with an ongoing flow of mango recipes, ideas and inspiration.

“Our green-skinned mango header cards and tear pads are a big hit with retailers,” Ms. McManus said. “They are perfect for green-skinned varieties we’ll see coming from Ecuador and Peru this fall and winter.”

Additionally, the board has some “extremely innovative promotional programs” running with specific retailers, Ms. McManus said. “We try to plug into their unique marketing opportunities, so each promotion is a bit different from the next.” Elements of these programs include demonstration events; point-of-sale materials; inclusion in e-mails, newsletters and magazines published by the retailer; in-store radio spots; broadcast radio spots; secondary and oversized displays; and training opportunities for store-level associates.

(For more on South American mangos, see the Sept. 20, 2010, issue of The Produce News.)