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IEOOC's 'Big Onions’ to be featured on Lifetime Network

by Kathleen Thomas Gaspar | September 12, 2010
Close to 100 million households nationwide will get a closer look at Idaho- Eastern Oregon's "Big Onions" Sept. 24 and again Oct. 22 when “The Balancing Act” spotlights the onions in its “Farm to Plate” segment.

Broadcast on Lifetime Network, which currently holds the highest viewership of any women’s channel in the nation and targets more than 96 million households, “The Balancing Act” is hosted by Beth Troutman and Kristy Villa and is among the more popular morning programs.

“The Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion Committee partnered with Lifetime Network’s morning program for a segment to educate viewers nationwide on the benefits of onions, the IEOO growing region, onion cooking tips and fun new recipes,” said Sherise Jones, marketing director of the committee.

Participation in “Farm to Plate” with “The Balancing Act” is by invitation only, and benefits including listings in the closing credits of the episode, along with contact information such as web address and phone number to field inquiries that stem from the show.

Ms. Jones, who traveled to south Florida for filming of “The Balancing Act” segment in late August, has linked a “tune in” promo recorded with her and series personality Danielle Knox to both and to the IEOOC Facebook page.

Prior to the trip to Florida, Ms. Jones had described the opportunity as a win- win for the committee, its members and for viewers who might not know how Spanish Sweets are grown and brought to market.

“We are very excited to partner with the Lifetime Network and 'The Balancing Act’ on its ‘Farm to Plate’ series, which is designed to educate its audience of women consumers,” she said.

The segment’s timing spotlights the fall and winter holidays and “will provide information about our region’s growing practices, food safety and recipes developed by the committee to enhance at-home dining,” Ms. Jones added.

The “Farm to Plate” portion of “The Balancing Act” looks at how food commodities reach American tables, starting with planting and ending with meals being served.

“The Balancing Act” airs weekday mornings, with times dependent on location.