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LoBue Bros. Inc. makes many changes for the upcoming citrus season

by | September 02, 2010
Lindsay, CA-based LoBue Bros. Inc. is kicking off the 2010-11 citrus season with more than just a new crop of fruit. The firm is rolling out a new name, a new identity, new hires and plant upgrades.

After a year of strategic planning, the firm's management has announced that LoBue Bros. Inc. will now be known as LoBue Citrus. The new identity is debuting with an updated logo that features an orange wedge anchored on a field of blue, along with the company tagline, "A Legacy of Excellence."

The new identity is part of a company strategy aiming to create greater recognition for the company, position LoBue for continued growth and maintain the family history and values that have built the business.

In addition to a facelift of the company image, the LoBue packing facility is getting a facelift of its own. To improve overall product quality, new cooler space has been added and several areas of the packingline have been rebuilt to soften the production line, increase productivity and improve quality control.

Finally, the sales office will also see a new face in the coming weeks with a search completed for a new vice president of sales, who is yet to be announced.

Joe LoBue, a partner at LoBue, said in an Aug. 23 press release, “Over the past seven decades, we’ve seen a lot of changes in our business, but this is one of the most exciting times I can remember. We have a lot of things going on. The strategic changes we are making today are not just growing our business, but are positioning our business for generations to come.”