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Peri & Sons' new web site fuses tradition and innovation

by | August 24, 2010
Peri & Sons Farms, based in Yerington, NV, launched its newly redesigned and expanded web site, which was developed to showcase the firm's enduring farming history-spanning over a hundred years and three generations-as well as communicate the company's progressive philosophy in the areas of food safety and traceability.

Pamela Peri, executive vice president of Peri & Sons Farms, said in an Aug. 18 press release, "We feel we accomplished what we set out to do, which was to design a site that both celebrates the rich family traditions that are the foundation of our company's success, and also expresses the fresh, innovative spirit that is shaping our company's future."

Peri & Sons Farms understands that trade customers and consumers have different needs and interests, Teri Gibson, marketing and customer relations manager for Peri & Sons, added in the press release. "In order to best serve the needs of each group we've organized trade-related information in one area and consumer-related information in another, and we developed a simple, straightforward navigation system to allow each group to quickly find the information of most interest to them."

Once registered, trade customers have secure access to timely and relevant information about Peri & Sons Farms' products and services, as well as news and links to important industry-related information, which is available only to members. Seasonal promotions and special offers will be announced within this members-only section and before long, real-time account information will also be available.

Foodies and interested consumers will find an ethnically diverse collection of recipes that make the most of the different textures and flavors that distinguish each of the four onion varieties that Peri & Sons Farms grows -- white, yellow, red and sweet.

The consumer section also offers tips and tricks for selecting and storing onions, and also provides useful information about the importance of food safety and produce traceability.

Additionally, consumers who join Peri & Sons Farms' "Onion Obsession" club will periodically receive information, recipes and promotional items.

While the main objective of the site ( is to allow customers and visitors to get to know Peri & Sons Farms by providing accurate, in-depth and up-to-date information, Ms. Gibson noted that the company also wants to learn more about their customers and visitors.

"We want communication to be a two-way street," Ms. Gibson said in the press release. "We are always interested in what our customers and consumers have to say, so we have provided numerous opportunities throughout the site to submit questions or voice comments or concerns -- all of which are welcome and will receive a reply in a timely manner."