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A&A Organic announces new name

by | August 24, 2010
A&A Organic Marketing Inc., a grower-shipper of organic produce, has changed its company name and logo to A&A Organic Farms Corp.

"We felt that changing our name better represents who we are and what we do," Andy Martin, president of the Watsonville, CA-based firm, said in an Aug. 24 press release. With nearly two decades of experience serving as a sales agent for organic farmers, A&A Organic Farms has expanded its role as a grower and shipper of organic fruits and vegetables.

Due to an increase in demand for specific products, A&A Organic Farms now grows some of its own products, such as broccoli, cabbage, chards, kales, leeks and radishes. By growing its own product and selling it under the "A&A Organic Farms" label, A&A expects to ship more domestic products and guarantee a steady supply to customers.

"We are partners with a number of dedicated local farmers as well as farmers in Mexico and South America," Mr. Martin added in the press release. "It is our goal to represent this network of growers by opening sales channels using our contacts and relationships with supermarket chains and produce distributors."

Over the past several years, A&A has developed invested partnerships with growers in South America, allowing it to market the "Inka Fresh" label for Peruvian-grown organics and the "Guanaco" label, which represents Argentine-grown organic produce.

A&A Organic Farms, a family-run business committed to honesty, integrity and exceptional customer service, said that it is dedicated to ensuring that today's farmlands are available for future generations and to protecting the environment and safeguarding the health of farm workers.