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Pandol Bros. launches rinse-and-serve grape container

by | August 17, 2010
Pandol Bros. Inc. has launched its new rinse-and-serve grape packaging nationwide after the completion of a controlled in-market test this past June.

Pandol Bros., based in Delano, CA, worked in close partnership with two prominent regional retail chains to test a full range of requirements including product positioning, merchandising, in-store communications and package handling.

The retailers provided critical feedback regarding all aspects of a go-to- market strategy and even helped define best practices regarding point-of- sale tactics.

The learning from that "live" experience has been incorporated into the nationwide launch that began with the start of their California season.

“Because this package represents a significant advancement, we knew it would require rigorous testing,” Tristan Kieva, director of marketing and business development for Pandol Bros., said in an Aug. 17 press release. “The insight we gained proved invaluable and, as a result, we made several improvements to our package design and go-to-market strategy.”

The patent-pending package is a clear plastic container that is designed to be held directly under a kitchen faucet to allow thorough rinsing of the grapes. By featuring a step-by-step instructions and graphics communicating the rinse-and-serve feature, the product benefits are simple for consumers to understand.

“Our in-store testing showed us how our package graphics and p-o-s materials can work together to draw consumer attention to the newness and the overall concept,” Ms. Kieva added in the press release. “We learned that consumers are intrigued with the design but need to recognize how it works since it's not just a typical clamshell.”

Also, the clear cube design visibly conveys freshness and quality by creating a beautiful product showcase that allows the grapes to be easily viewed from all sides. This visibility is particularly important because category research shows that more than half of grape purchasers don’t usually decide to buy grapes until after walking into the store.

This shopping behavior sets-up tremendous flexibility for retailers to merchandise the quick-rinse cube package in multiple areas both within the produce department and outside the department (i.e. adjacent to premium cheeses).

The new cube package comes in a two-pound fixed-weight size and is now shipping nationwide.