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Driscoll introduces new logo and label for all berry varieties

by | August 09, 2010
Driscoll Strawberry Associates Inc., a leading provider of fresh berries based in Watsonville, CA, unveiled a new logo and label design that will be used throughout all areas of sales and marketing.

The new look will begin to hit the U.S. market within the next few weeks.

"Driscoll's grows only the finest berries," Douglas Ronan, vice president of marketing at Driscoll, said in an Aug. 5 press release. "In nearly two years of consumer research, we learned our customers count on us for growing delightful strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. We determined there is an opportunity to unify all of the berries in a stylized way across all sales platforms."

The new brand identity will be incorporated in various brand communications from labels on individual clamshells to the trays used to ship the clamshells to signage at the company's headquarters. Mr. Ronan also noted that the new brand identity will unify and strengthen the look of Driscoll's destination Berry Patch displays in retail stores.

The company tapped San Francisco-based Michael Osborne Design for the task.

"Their existing label was definitely recognizable, but it was time to enhance the brand image without losing the equity the company had built over its 100-year history," Mr. Osborne said in the press release.

Mr. Osborne and his team retained key brand and label design touch points, such as the familiar triangle shaped label, and the vibrant yellow and green background colors, while restructuring messaging in a hierarchical fashion on the labels. The new label also incorporates an illustration of a farmer in a field of berries and most important, berries overflowing in a basket.

"This is the evolution of this brand," Mr. Ronan added in the press release. "The 'Driscoll's' brand is one of the most recognized brands in the produce industry. Our heritage is in strawberries. Now, by using all four berries on our package, we are reinforcing our leadership position in fresh berries while highlighting the special efforts of our farmers."

The new label and brand mark communicate the premium quality of Driscoll's berries.

"Today's sales environment is often cluttered with fractured shopping patterns across all consumer targets," Mr. Osborne added. "This new label is terrific for the retailer since it reinforces the brand. By featuring all four berries used on the label we expect to spur additional purchases."

"Our research has helped identify a customer who demands premium quality - in flavor, color and appearance. With more families and individuals adding berries to their diets, we want to refresh the look of the 'Driscoll's' brand," Mr. Ronan said.