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Fresh Express launches artisanal salad line

by | August 09, 2010
Chiquita Brands International launched its new blend of artisanal packaged salads on a nationwide basis. The salads bring the taste of the four seasons with ingredients cultivated by artisanal growers and picked throughout the year for optimal freshness and taste. "The new Fresh Express artisanal salad line is the most recent example of our commitment to meeting consumer demand for a delicious and unique salad eating experience," Brian Kocher, president of Chiquita North America, said in an Aug. 10 press release announcing the release of the line. "Chiquita and Fresh Express strive to be first in providing innovative, fresh products to retail customers and consumers. Our new artisanal salads are not only first in class here in the United States, but are delivered in our innovative Natursave bag. Our award winning Natursave packaging technology not only keeps artisanal salads fresh and ready, but does so while using 50 percent less plastic than our 2009 Fresh Express Spring Mix bag." According to a national Fresh Express survey of salad eaters, a majority of those polled seek artisanal products such as small-batch roasted coffees, farmstead cheeses and artisan breads. Fresh Express listened to consumer input to create the artisanal salad line. A select group of artisanal growers plant season-appropriate greens and herbs, of which selected items are grown in small crops. Fresh Express artisanal salads feature some lesser- known but delicious greens such as tatsoi and mizuna. The first two blends will be Sierra Crisp Herb (mild taste and crunchiness of Sierra Crisp lettuce with mild red baby butter lettuce and a changing seasonal accent of herbs) and Wild Rocket Zest (robust, peppery Wild Rocket -- a wild variety of arugula -- with equally complex dark-colored flavorful greens like mustard and tatsoi for zesty flavors). As with all Fresh Express salads, these new blends are thoroughly washed, contain no preservatives and are ready to eat.

Fresh Express developed the breakthrough Natursave bag, which recently won a 2010 Packaging Innovation award from the United Fresh Produce Association as part of its long standing commitment to environmental sustainability.

The new convenient packaged salad bag maintains product quality and shelf life of similar Fresh Express blends, while using 50 percent less plastic than the 2009 Fresh Express Spring Mix bag.