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West Pak Avocado to feature customized ripening for avocados at PMA show

by Rand Green | July 26, 2010
West Pak Avocado Inc. in Temecula, CA, has exhibited at the Produce Marketing Association's foodservice expo in Monterey, CA, "for several years already" and will be there again this year, according to Doug Meyer, vice president of sales and marketing.

“This year we will have a new booth design that we will be rolling out” with updated graphics and new display units to showcase the company’s fruit. The messaging for the exhibit is built around “our customized preconditioning program,” Mr. Meyer said.

West Pak’s customized preconditioning program “really benefits foodservice customers because we can tailor the preconditioning program to their exact requirements,” he said. “We are now able to offer post-ripening pressure testing and sorting of our avocados. After we ripen the avocados in our high- pressure rooms, we can test the fruit for pressure and sort those by pre- determined pressure ratings which are basically customer specifications,” then “pack the product to spec for our customers.”

Because of that program, the company has “the ability to not just send [foodservice customers] a box of preconditioned avocados but send them a box of preconditioned avocados within a specific range of pressures which they would require,” he said. “It is basically taking it to the next level of service in preconditioning.”

The post-ripening pressure testing and sorting technology “is new to West Pak,” Mr. Meyer said. “So not only are we coming [to the PMA foodservice show] with a new look and feel to our booth and our display, but we are also able to engage in discussions with trade show attendees about the added level of value-added service that we can [now] provide to their preconditioning programs.”

Foodservice is “very important to us,” he stated. “It is an important segment of our business.”

In addition to the customized preconditioning and sorting program, the company offers foodservice customers “the required packs that foodservice uses in their operations,” he said.

West Pak is a year-round supplier of avocados with production from California, Mexico and Chile.