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Sunlight is debuting new promotional materials for retailers

by Rand Green | July 26, 2010
Sunlight International Sales Inc. in McFarland, CA, is introducing some new promotional materials for retailers this year, according to Nick Dulcich, a partner in Jacov P. Dulcich & Sons and president of Sunlight, which is the marketing arm of Dulcich & Sons.

The new promo materials are part of an intensified multi-faceted promotional effort by Sunlight. "Number one, we visited almost all of our clientele that we work with and potential new clientele," Mr. Dulcich said July 13. In the process, “I got a lot of feedback from a lot of them, and I decided to do a lot of promotional items.” Among the new promotional items are shelf danglers, display bins and a new “high-graphic clear plastic bag” with a stand-up design.

The new bag will be offered in two versions.

One will feature the company's “Pretty Lady” brand and logo. The other, designed specifically for Halloween promotions, carries the “Harvest Hobgoblin” trademark.

The danglers, similarly, are available in both looks.

The company started harvesting San Joaquin Valley grapes July 12 this year, “starting with Flames out of the Maricopa area,” Mr. Dulcich said. That is later than normal, but “we’ve got great sugar and color on them.”

Then “we start picking Summer Royals from the Maricopa area, then Crimson and Red Globe,” he said. That is just about one month ahead of the same varieties in Dulcich’s vineyards in the McFarland and Delano area where Flames will start in early August.

Other red seedless varieties from Sunlight are Majestic, available from August through September, Magenta Red, available from August through November, and Scarlet Royal, available from September through November. The company will have Crimson seedless from September through December and Red Globe, a seeded red variety, from August through December.

In the greens, Sunlight will have Thompsons from August through November, Princess from September through October, and Autumn King and Luisco from October through December. In addition to those seedless varieties, Sunlight offers the seeded Calmeria from September through December.

The company has three varieties of black seedless grapes. Summer Royal and the Unknown variety will run from July through September, and Autumn Royal will go from September through December.

In Autumn Kings, “we have double the amount from last year,” with more growth to come, Mr. Dulcich said. By 2011, “we’ll probably have well over half a million [boxes] of those.” Scarlet Royal is up by around 30 percent for the company. Other varieties are pretty much “status quo” from last year.