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Chile freeze effects unknown

by Tad Thompson | July 21, 2010
Chilean citrus and avocado growers are carefully determining what, if any, crop damage may have occurred in a mid-July Southern Hemisphere wintertime freeze.

A North American citrus importer who requested anonymity indicated that it is premature to guess what may happen to Chile's citrus crop. He noted that a correspondingly similar freeze hit the California citrus crop and that the industry saw record production thereafter.

The Chilean Hass Avocado Association sent a press release July 19 that said, in part, "Since Tuesday, July 13, there have been frost weather conditions in some avocado-producing areas in Chile. The Chilean Hass Avocado Association has received recorded temperature information from weather stations in towns that are located in low-lying areas near the growing regions. Luckily, the majority of avocado groves are located on hillsides, which have better conditions compared to the flat land areas."

Chile's avocado industry is hoping that in three weeks time it will "have better figures of final production and exports for the 2010-11 season," it added.