Brandt introduces a new clamshell

by | June 22, 2010
EW Brandt & Sons, a grower-packer-shipper of premium cherries, stone fruit, apples and pears based in Wapato, WA, introduced a new clamshell that it said represents the next generation of donut peach and nectarine packaging, representing a new level of value-added convenience and usage.

Packed in a four-pack and eight-pack clamshell, each weighing one pound and two pounds, respectively, the new product helps protect against spoilage, bruising and retail merchandising woes. The clamshell has a breather that outlines the outer edges to prevent condensation and is flat on the bottom. The flat bottom was designed so retailers would be able to stack the clamshells at store level.

The new clamshell comes packed in either 14 one-pound clamshells per box or seven two-pound clamshells per box.