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Del Monte moves to Holt Terminal

by Tad Thompson | September 01, 2010
Del Monte Fresh Produce is moving its northeastern U.S. seaport operation Oct. 1 to the Gloucester Marine Terminal in Gloucester City, NJ, according to Leo Holt, president of Holt Logistics Corp. The Holt family owns Gloucester Marine Terminal, which is more commonly known as the Holt Terminal.

Del Monte is making a very short move from the Broadway Terminal in Camden, which is immediately upstream on the Delaware riverfront from the Holt seaport and refrigerated warehouse.

Mr. Holt said in a written statement prepared for The Produce News, "The move is motivated by access to a modern pier and the ability to deliver the best-in-class customer experience, as much a trademark of Del Monte as its logo. Newer facilities and a marginal wharf for the evolution of state-of-the- art produce handling were keys to the decision to move."

The privately owned and financed Gloucester Marine Terminal has been developed and maintained by the Holt family for over 40 years. “Del Monte's move is motivated by their constantly striving to improve the delivery, condition and quality of their products,” Mr. Holt said. “This is a matter of dedication to excellence, modern facilities and technology.”