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Calavo and milk board join to promote California-grown avocados and California cheese

by | June 06, 2010
SANTA PAULA, CA -- Calavo Growers Inc. and the California Milk Advisory Board announced June 7 that they have partnered to cross promote two of California's more identifiable agricultural products: fresh California avocados and California cheese.

One million instantly redeemable coupons for 55 cents off any purchase of "Real California Cheese" will be affixed to Calavo avocados sold by the bag. Calavo Growers markets avocados to the trade in a variety of ways; bags are one of those ways, and they have a real value appeal to the consumer. Calavo avocados in bags are widely available in supermarkets and club stores around the country. Calavo Growers is currently featuring California avocados in its bags.

The California Milk Advisory Board is a state organization that was created to increase consumption of California dairy products, and although its major emphasis is in promoting “Real California Cheese,” it promotes other California dairy products as well.

The milk board has conducted coupon programs like the one with Calavo Growers Inc., and the redemption rates for these programs have been significantly higher than what one would expect from a cross-promotion coupon. While coupon promotions normally redeem at a 2 percent rate, the program with “Real California Cheese” has produced redemption anywhere from 6 percent to 14 percent.