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Giumarra Reedley unveils new central packingline

by | May 11, 2010
LOS ANGELES -- Giumarra Reedley announced May 12 the unveiling of its new, state-of-the-art packingline in conjunction with the beginning of its 2010 stone fruit season.

The new packingline is located at the division's central packing facility in Reedley, CA. The line is designed to sort fruit supplied by totes as opposed to bulk bins. It includes patented improvements to the packing stations never used before in the stone fruit industry. It utilizes the most advanced optical components and computer software in the sizing and sorting of the fruit, according to a May 12 press release from The Giumarra Cos.

Its high efficiency is the result of the computerized system continually monitoring the output of each packing station and redistributing the fruit to balance the workload of each packer and the machine.

"This superior technology will allow us to maintain the careful handling of our fruit that begins in our orchards," Jason Chavez, sales manager of Giumarra Reedley, said in the press release. "The new pack line ensures the continued consistency and high quality of our product."

Giumarra Reedley was one of the earlier growers, packers and marketers of stone fruit in the San Joaquin Valley. In the 1960s, it developed the "LTD" label, which became known for its maturity, high sugar and great flavor.

"We were shipping tree-ripened fruit long before it became fashionable," John Thiesen, general manager of the division, said in the release.

In 2004, Giumarra Reedley changed from “LTD” to the “Nature's Partner” brand.

"We have implemented innovative farming techniques, focused on plant nutrition and reduced the number of varieties to produce consistently high- quality fruit," Mr. Thiesen said. "These practices, in addition to the new packingline, will enable us to continue delivering outstanding, great-tasting fruit to our customers.