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Ocean Mist artichokes to appear in <i>Shape</i> magazine

by | April 20, 2010
Just in time for the spring peak season, Ocean Mist Farms artichokes will be advertised in Shape magazine in May.

Ocean Mist Farms, based in Castroville, CA, is investing in advertising the spring crop this year in order to reach an important demographic that aligns with the artichoke consumer profile, according to Kori Tuggle, marketing manager for Ocean Mist.

"Shape is America's premier health and fitness magazine geared toward women who want to look and feel good about themselves and their lifestyle," Ms. Tuggle said in an April 12 press release. "Shape provides tips on healthy living, recipes, fitness tools and paths to achieving the look and feel of the fit and health-conscious female consumer -- our target artichoke customer." Ocean Mist Farms artichokes will be featured in a full-page ad in the May issue estimated to reach 1.65 million readers.

"We are projected to have a record crop this spring out of Castroville, and we're committed to increasing consumer awareness about our product - and this is a new way for Ocean Mist to achieve that goal," Ms. Tuggle added in the press release.