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National Mango Board seeks nominees

by | April 18, 2010
The National Mango Board is accepting nominees for seven board member positions with terms beginning in January. Nominations will be accepted through May 11.

The board is made up of mango importers, foreign producers and a first handler who dedicate themselves to the mission, goals and objectives of the board. These board members work closely with the NMB staff to carry out marketing, research and industry relations programs to benefit the mango industry.

The positions currently open for nominations are one importer in District II, two importers in District III, one importer in District IV, and three foreign producers. All positions are for three-year terms, except for the importer position in District II, which is for a one-year term.

The U.S. secretary of agriculture ultimately makes the appointments to the board from the final slate of nominees. For each importer position, two nominees will be forwarded to the secretary. In order to narrow the field from many nominees to just two, the mango industry members in that district will vote to select the two nominees from whom the secretary will choose.

For the foreign producer positions, nominations are accepted either through the foreign mango organizations or directly from eligible individuals. All nominations for these positions will be forwarded to the secretary for a final decision on the appointments.

Mango industry members interested in serving as a member of the board should visit for complete details and the necessary forms. The deadline for nominations to be received at the board office is May 11. Questions about the nominations and appointment process should be directed to Marilda Peele at or 407/629- 7318, ext. 106.