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VOC teams with local high school on national promotion

by | April 07, 2010
"Vidalia O' on the Go" is a national summer travel contest planned by marketing students at Vidalia Comprehensive High School in conjunction with the Vidalia Onion Committee. The contest gives contestants who purchase a vehicle tag the opportunity to win one of three cash prizes.

Ryan Flowers, marketing instructor at VCHS, approached Wendy Brannen about potential projects for his students. Ms. Brannen is executive director of the Vidalia Onion Committee and serves on the VCHS Marketing Advisory Committee.

"We do have a national marketing entity here locally with the Vidalia Onion Committee," Ms. Brannen said in a March 24 press release. "So I think for students with an aptitude in marketing to take the helm on a Vidalia onion promo is an excellent way for them to see what really goes into day-to-day marketing. Dr. Flowers and I had the students themselves write the contest press release that we've submitted to local media and work out the specifics of this really cool contest."

Contestants must take a picture of their vehicle that displays the tag with a landmark of the location visited. Those who submit the three locations that are the farthest distance from Vidalia will be eligible to win a $300 first-place cash award, a $200 second-place cash award and a $100 third-place cash award.

The Vidalia Onion Committee is picking up the cost of the prizes and license plates so that money raised through students' tag sales can go towards future VCHS marketing education projects. And, if all goes well, Ms. Brannen said that a similar contest may be held next year with Vidalia onion T-shirts.

To participate, contestants must purchase a vehicle tag and submit their name, contact information, brief description of the trip and a scenic picture that includes a recognizable landmark or location sign and the vehicle with the car tag attached to the Vidalia Onion Committee at Information must be submitted by Sept. 15, 2010, to be eligible to win.

Entries will be posted on the Vidalia Onion Committee web site and/or other marketing materials with winners determined by farthest miles traveled from Vidalia.