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California Giant tracks consumer behavior on traceability pilot

by | April 05, 2010
WATSONVILLE, CA -- California Giant Berry Farms has a new look on its four-pound clamshell labels this year.

The company is testing the item-level traceability program offered by HarvestMark to evaluate the overall system from the field through distribution. This marks the second season the company is working with the HarvestMark program, adding a valuable consumer component to the process.

In an effort to determine consumer interest, impact and demand for the traceback system, California Giant has added a call-out feature on each four- pound clamshell label encouraging consumers to visit and enter the code on the berries they purchase. Once they have entered the web site to view sourcing information, consumers will be asked to answer questions about their experience on the web site to determine if the information they received was helpful and what was expected.

"As an industry leader in food safety and quality practices, implementing this traceability program extends our ongoing food safety program and provides us with critical feedback from our consumers," Cindy Jewell, Cal Giant's marketing director, said in an April 5 press release. "Encouraging consumers to visit the traceability web site will help us to really determine level of interest in this type of information, if the information itself was satisfactory, and determine what percentage of consumers after purchase actually follow through with tracking their berries."

California Giant said that it chose to launch the HarvestMark first as a pilot program to ensure complete success and accuracy throughout the system from field to consumer before rolling out the complete program to all pack sizes in all regions.