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Tanimura & Antle promotes Earth Day

by | March 23, 2010
SALINAS, CA -- To celebrate Earth Day, during the month of April Tanimura & Antle will encourage consumers to "be a part of the solution" by purchasing its hydroponically grown "Living Lettuce."

Featuring a newly designed “Earth Day” label, environmentally friendly “Living Lettuce” is grown through regenerative farming and uses sustainable growing practices. Grown in custom-designed hydroponic greenhouses that use earth's energy and natural processes, “Living Lettuce” reduces the dependency on limited resources.

"The 'Earth Day' packaging offers a subtle message to consumers that we hope will encourage consideration of the environment when making produce purchase decisions," Rick Antle, the company’s chief executive officer, said in a March 19 press release. "Our hydroponic growing facility was built in Livingston, Tennessee, not only for optimal climate conditions, proximity to major markets, energy efficiency, ergonomic growing and harvest operations, and year-round production, but also to meet quality control and high food- safety standards. These are all positive processes that collectively and independently support and sustain our work force, consumers and the environment."

Tanimura & Antle said that its regionally grown and distributed “Living Lettuce” provides a consistent and fresh product that is known for its fresh picked flavor. Harvested with the roots intact, it offers longer shelf life than conventionally harvested Butter lettuce and reduces waste, the release said. The recycleable clamshell packaging protects the product and ensures freshness. The year-round availability of consistent quality product meets consumer demand for local, sustainable lettuce that is flavorful and unique, the release added.