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Freska dishes up mangos on popular morning show 'The Balancing Act'

by | March 21, 2010
Mangos are one of the faster-growing produce categories in America and currently the number one eaten fruit throughout the world. To promote this popular fruit, Freska Produce, based in Oxnard, CA, is making an appearance on Lifetime Channel's morning show "The Balancing Act."

The segment, which is scheduled to air April 9 and May 14, features Chef Peter Edwards, who is a representative of Freska and who is also executive chef at Watermark restaurant in Ventura, CA. Chef Edwards offers tricks for knowing when a mango is ripe and methods for proper slicing as well as tasty mango recipes.

"Mangos are very nutritious and considered a super food," Freska co-founder Gary Clevenger said in a March 16 press release. "They are easy to prepare in a dish, which makes using them in everyday life and in any meal interesting and delicious."

The mango's fruit is called a drupe, which consists of an edible fleshy outside and an internal woody pit, and is tastiest when ripe. Mangos are high in vitamins A and C, provide a substantial serving of dietary fiber and over 20 different vitamins and minerals. The tropical fruit is also free of sodium, cholesterol and fat, making them a great daily addition to any healthy diet.

Freska Produce is the leading supplier of mangos and offers year-round availability, which is quickly growing in demand throughout North America. Freska Produce provides five different varieties: Hadens, Tommy Atkins, Ataulfos, Kents and Keitts. Each variety has its own specific sweetness, and all offer a wealth of nutritional benefits. Freska's web site,, provides informational videos detailing how to properly eat a mango and prepare mango recipes.

"There are hundreds of mango varieties all over the world," Mr. Clevenger added in the press release. "The ones we provide are the most popular in the United States. People are becoming more familiar with the fruit and learning how to enjoy the tropical flavor in their favorite meals."