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Naturipe Farms announces new executive team structure

by | March 18, 2010
NAPLES, FL -- Dwight Ferguson, chief executive officer and president of Naturipe Farms, announced March 19 a new executive management team structure for the company.

Effective April 1, Robert Verloop, currently senior vice president of sales and marketing, will be executive vice president of marketing; Brian Bocock, currently vice president of sales, will be vice president of product management; and Jim Roberts, currently senior director of retail sales, will serve as vice president of sales.

"These changes will more appropriately align our structure with our strategies by placing our most senior people in the right roles," Mr. Ferguson said in a press release. "It is always a top priority for us to find better ways to serve our customers and our expanding grower base. I believe these changes will support that purpose, and I'm delighted to have the opportunity to work with this team."

Mr. Verloop's position as executive vice president of marketing is a new position at the company. He has been with Naturipe Farms since early 2008. He joined Naturipe after he served in a series of senior-level marketing positions at Sunkist, including vice president of marketing. Previously, he held similar positions at and the California Avocado Commission. In his new role, he will advance important marketing-related strategies and lead enhanced efforts in innovation and new business development.

Mr. Bocock’s position as vice president of product management is also a new one. He has been with Naturipe Farms since its inception, and has been vice president of sales since 2003. Prior to joining to Naturipe Farms, he held a number of sales-related positions at Global Berry Farms, the predecessor to what is now Naturipe Farms. In his new role, he will lead important supply- related strategies which will include production expansion, planning and forecasting, and coordinating with grower partners.

Mr. Roberts will be promoted to vice president of sales. He joined Naturipe Farms as Northeast account manager in 2004 and has served as senior director of sales since 2007. Prior to joining Naturipe Farms, he held a number of produce procurement and merchandising positions at Albertson's and Shaw's Supermarkets. He brings a proven track record of success, having contributed to significant sales and share growth in the Northeast as well as with national accounts. In his new role, he will lead customer development initiatives and advance growth with strategic accounts.