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Colorful Harvest moves headquarters to Salinas

by | March 18, 2010
Colorful Harvest, one of the faster-growing produce operations on California's central coast, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony and VIP reception March 19 to celebrate the grand opening of its new headquarters at 584 South Main St. in Salinas, CA.

Colorful Harvest chose one of the more distinguished buildings in downtown Salinas for its new headquarters to make a statement about its support for the community.

Doug Ranno, chief operating officer and managing partner of Colorful Harvest, said in a March 19 press release, "We could have stayed outside the city limits like other produce companies, but we're a local business at heart. Moving downtown will help boost the city's economy, and it moves us closer to our new cooler operations, banking, restaurants and other conveniences."

Dennis Donohue, mayor of Salinas, who was scheduled to participate in the ribbon cutting and officially welcome Colorful Harvest to the downtown Salinas business community, said in advance of the ceremony, "I'd like to thank Colorful Harvest for their contribution to the revitalization of downtown Salinas."

Mr. Ranno attributed the company's consistent growth year after year to a diversified product strategy, year-round product availability from multiple growing regions, and a customer-centric approach to business.

"Our team makes it all happen," Mr. Ranno said in the press release. The new headquarters building, with over 5,400 square feet of office space, will provide better accommodations for the firm's growing staff and improved IT infrastructure for managing widespread operations.

The building's layout features a central sales area surrounded by administrative and managerial support.

"The open architecture gives us the interaction our team enjoys," Mr. Ranno added. "We thrive on direct communication and the free exchange of ideas. Our people work hard and they spend a lot of time at the office. This headquarters will give them the comfort they deserve and the productivity we need."

The company's diversified product line includes strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, cantaloupes, honeydews, Athena melons, "Ruby Jewel" brand sweet red corn, "Rainbow Crunch" brand carrots, purple broccoli, select Blue Lake style beans, avocados, and orange, purple and green cauliflower. The company recently expanded its strawberry acreage in Florida and Mexico to meet growing demand.