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Sheppard Produce joins Produce Alliance

by | February 10, 2010
NASHVILLE -- Produce Alliance has added Sheppard Produce Co. to its membership. Headquartered here, Produce Alliance specializes in helping member businesses grow with a unique set of tools, services and plans for growth in the produce industry.

According to Stan Sheppard, president of Sheppard Produce in Twin Falls, ID, consistent premium quality of products, along with the strength of its purchasing programs, was a major factor in its decision. He said that the people of Produce Alliance are very professional and conduct themselves with integrity and respect.

"Becoming a member of Produce Alliance will help us reach our goal of becoming the foodservice leader in our market for distribution of fresh produce," Stan and Jay Sheppard said in a Feb. 11 press release. "The opportunities that P.A. can provide through national networking, procurement programs and the addition of national accounts to our already growing customer base are among the reasons why we chose to join. In 2004 we built a new, fully refrigerated distribution facility that allows for the cold chain never to be compromised. Food safety is a priority in our industry and the rule of practice of Sheppard Produce. With our expansion into the Boise, Idaho, market, we now cover an area that reaches into eastern Oregon, all the way north to Stanley, Idaho, and east past Idaho Falls, Idaho."

Joe Collier, partner and director of distribution and business development for Produce Alliance, added in the release, "Sheppard Produce has all the components to service customers better than any other company in their area. With recent additions to their sales and customer service staff, their growth potential is unlimited. I believe without a doubt they are the best produce distribution company in all of Idaho. Sheppard Produce will serve us well in our growth strategy."

Mr. Collier went on to say, "Their commitment to complete customer satisfaction is totally compatible with our growth plan. Produce Alliance is very excited to have them as part of our group, and we anticipate great things for them in the very near future."