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Five Crowns is taking over marketing for Prima Bella

by | February 08, 2010
Five Crowns Marketing, based in Brawley, CA, has entered into a strategic partnership with Prima Bella Produce. Under terms of the agreement, Five Crowns will acquire stock in Prima Bella, and will take over all sales and marketing functions for the packaged corn shipper, effective April 1.

"We are very excited about the new partnership," Mark Bacchetti, owner of Prima Bella Produce, said in a Feb. 8 press release. "Five Crowns has been a key supplier of ours for the past six years. We built a new plant at their Crown Cooling facility in Brawley a year-and-a-half ago." The two companies have had a very close working relationship for some time.

Five Crowns' strong presence in the retail and foodservice markets will greatly enhance distribution and exposure for Prima Bella Produce in the marketplace. Prima Bella has been shipping packaged corn in the "Glori Ann" label for the past 12 years. Product development is a key component to Prima Bella's success, from introduction of the retail four-pack corn to the recently introduced "corn coins," which are specifically designed for foodservice and deli applications.

"This is a natural marriage," Bill Colace, one of the owners of Five Crowns Marketing, added in the press release. "Even though these are both large operations, we are both family-owned companies. Prima Bella is known for the outstanding products [it produces], and Five Crowns is the premium corn producer out of the desert region. We are excited at the entry into the value- added side of the sweet corn market, and we believe this enhances Five Crowns offerings to its customers."

Five Crowns Marketing, which has been in business since 1983, grows and ships melons, sweet corn, citrus, asparagus, Iceberg lettuce and Romaine under the "Majesty" label.