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Enclosed Philadelphia market construction moving ahead

by Tad Thompson | February 08, 2010
According to news services, a big snowfall predicted for Feb. 10 will set a Philadelphia record for the snowiest winter ever but should not affect construction of the new market.

However, John Vena, owner of John Vena Inc. on the Philadelphia Regional Produce Market, said that the bad winter weather will have "minimal" impact on the construction of the new Philadelphia market because the building is now enclosed and work is underway inside the new building.

Mr. Vena told The Produce News Feb. 8, "Today they are delivering heavy refrigeration equipment. Two trailers were unloaded. There is lots to do inside now, and they are working away."

As of Feb. 8, the construction is on schedule for completion this fall. "But with a project this large, with as many moving parts as there are, it is too early to predict," he said. "But at this point, we are on schedule."