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Border Cold Storage installs ozone fumigation system

by | February 02, 2010
Border Cold Storage recently installed and commissioned an Ensure-FS ozone fumigation system manufactured by Guardian Manufacturing located in Cocoa, FL. This installation marks the first Ensure-FS system to be installed in the Rio Grande Valley of southern Texas, according to the company.

Border Cold Storage is planning to improve product quality and increase hold time by reducing ethylene as well as mold and bacteria on stored fruits and vegetables from Mexico. This is just one part of Border Cold Storage's plan to improve food safety for product coming through the facility.

Guardian's Ensure-FS ozone system is centered on air-cooled, plasma block ozone generation technology. It provides independent day-night ozone level control and monitoring in multiple rooms per system. The system provides optional web-based remote monitoring that provides real-time ozone room monitoring, alarms via e-mail notification and historical data graphing of ozone levels during product storage.

Ensure-FS ozone treatment systems are in operation in cold-storage operations across North America, treating commodities such as kiwifruit, citrus, onions, potatoes, stone fruit, grapes and mixed vegetables.

The system has the ability to limit ripening and decrease spoilage caused by mold and bacteria, and has been demonstrated repeatedly in fruit and vegetable cold storage operations.

"We are thrilled to be introducing our ozone treatment system to the Rio Grande Valley area," Matthew Lowe, West Coast operation business manager for Guardian, said in a Jan. 19 press release. "We are optimistic that many cold-storage operations will benefit from the use of our ozone treatment system in the near future."

Border Cold Storage President Tyler Morgan added in the press release, "We are excited to offer our clients a proven technology that prolongs shelf life, substantially reduces mold bacteria and ethylene. This is just one more way that we can help our customers be better than their competition."