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Onion supplies 'excellent,' says Sweet Clover’s Bill Brownfield

by Kathleen Thomas Gaspar | January 24, 2010
Supplies of jumbo and colossal Sweet Clover sweet yellow onions will be "excellent" through March, and the famed Red Wing single-center variety of red onion will also be plentiful through May, according to Sweet Clover Produce Sales Manager Bill Brownfield.

From his office in Walla Walla, WA, Mr. Brownfield told The Produce News that quality is also very good, and the third-party audited onions are tested and guaranteed to be sweet. In addition, the farms and facilities are certified for Good Importing Practices and Good Agricultural Practices.

"Right now, the yellow market is up and demand is strong," he said Jan. 14. "Our new crop of organics, sweet yellows and sweet reds will be going in mid-February, and we'll harvest in early July," he added.

Sweet Clover offers all consumer packs and ships under the "Sweet Clover," "Columbia Pride," "White Tiger," "Basin Best" and "Quincy Queen" labels.