Giumarra Borquez asparagus production begins in Mexico

by | January 24, 2010
LOS ANGELES -- Giumarra Borquez LLC announced the last week in January the start of its asparagus season in Caborca, Mexico. The division is based in Escondido, CA, and markets asparagus year round from Mexico, Chile, Peru and California to the North American market.

"We are excited to begin shipping high-quality product in good volume out of this region through May," Bruce Dowhan, general manager of Giumarra Borquez, said in a Jan. 25 press release.

Giumarra Borquez will offer Mexican asparagus delivered or at f.o.b. locations in Yuma, AZ, Nogales, AZ, and McAllen, TX.

Giumarra developed a partnership in 2009 with Campo Pablo Borquez, a fourth-generation growing company that counts green asparagus among its line of fresh produce. The family-owned company has been growing asparagus since 1988.