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Curry & Co. welcomes Cameron Low to its sales team

by | January 21, 2010
Brooks, OR-based Curry & Co. announced in a Jan. 13 press release that produce industry veteran Cameron Low recently joined the company and will focus on Curry's year-round sweet onion program for both domestic and imported sweet onions.

Mr. Low started his career in 1990 with Sysco Foodservice in California and then moved to Hollister, CA, joining Denice & Filice Packing in 1992. He took on the position of sales manager in 2000, working closely with peppers, onions, garlic, corn, melons and cherries.

Denice & Filice was acquired by Tanimura & Antle in 2004 and became Denice & Filice LLC. In 2007, Mr. Low helped integrate Denice & Filice LLC into Tanimura & Antle and became product manager for peppers and onions.

Curry & Co. President Matt Curry said in the release, "We’re excited to have someone with Cameron’s expertise coming to our team. His reputation and broad product knowledge base is going to help us continue to grow as a company and more specifically as a leading supplier of year-round sweet onions."

Curry & Co.’s year-round sweet onion program includes product from the United States, Chile and Peru. Each of the varieties has its own respective brand, including “Vidalia Sweethearts,” “Walla Walla Double Sweets,” “Hermiston Sweets,” “Hermiston Sweet Reds,” “Big Hat Texas 1015s,” “Big West Sweets,” “Patagonia Sweets” from Chile and “Sweet Peaks” from Peru.

“Curry & Co. is a multi-generational company that’s progressive and preparing for the future. I love their energy and am eager to jump in to help them continue to grow. The opportunity to work with world-class growers and facilities in the U.S. and other countries is one I get excited about,” Mr. Low said in the statement.