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Frontera plans for record volume of Mexican pineapples

by | December 21, 2009
EDINBURG, TX -- Frontera Produce Ltd., a vertically integrated grower, packer and shipper of fresh produce headquartered here in south Texas, announced Dec. 21 that it plans to pack a record number of cases of its MD2 Golden variety pineapples from Mexico to market from January through July.

As sole owners and operators of Frontera Sur Produce, a 700-plus-acre pineapple plantation in Veracruz, Mexico, Frontera Produce projects to increase its Gold Pineapple production by close to 40 percent for the 2010 season. For the period January through July, Frontera Produce said that it will rank as one of the larger exporters of Mexican-grown Golden Pineapples into the United States, which translates into heavy promotional opportunities at the retail level.

"We plant the same MD2 Gold Pineapple varieties in Mexico as do our counterparts in Central America," Will Steele, president and chief executive officer of Frontera Produce, said in a Dec. 21 press release. "We are very proud of the strides we've made on our farms with MD2s. The ability to pack higher shell color due to shorter transit times gives us a distinct advantage over offshore production, which is typically greener fruit and could sometimes take over a week to get to market once harvested. Frontera Produce's pineapples are grown in Veracruz, Mexico, off the gulf, where weather and soil conditions play an important role in creating a sweeter, juicier and fresher pineapple. Because of the success we experienced during the 2009 season, we're planning for an increase in golden pineapple consumption in 2010."

To view a video from the pineapple fields in Veracruz or photos of the packing operation, visit

Frontera Produce will host a booth at the Southeast Produce Council's exposition March 6, 2010, in Tampa, FL, where attendees can learn more about the company's products and services. The expo is part of the councils annual conference and trade show, known as Southern Exposure and scheduled for March 4-6, 2010.